Vol. 1 No. 6 (2019): Volume 1, Issue 6, year 2019

Influence of profile deck sheet in composite slab system

Jagadeesan R
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, K.S Rangasamy college of Technology, Thiruchengode.
Preetha V
Assistant Professor (Senior grade), Department of Civil Engineering, Bannari Amman institute of technology, Sathyamangalam.
Vignesh P.S
PG student, Department of civil, Bannari Amman institute of technology, Sathyamangalam.
Senthilkumar V
Associate Professor, Department of civil, Bannari Amman institute of technology, Sathyamangalam.
Published November 2, 2019
  • Profile deck sheet,
  • modal analysis,
  • vibration studies,
  • Natural Frequency,
  • Mode Shape
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R, J., V, P., P.S, V., & V, S. (2019). Influence of profile deck sheet in composite slab system. International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, 1(6), 496-502. Retrieved from https://mapletreejournals.com/index.php/irjmt/article/view/325


Composite structures play a vital role in construction sector due to rapid completion of the projects. In composite structures, Plates are mostly used as a structural element for effective replacement of steel reinforcement. Normally the composite floor deck system involves a profile deck sheet as a bottom layer of slab system to take care of the tensile strength of the element. Concrete is poured over a deck sheet and with minimum reinforcement to take care of shrinkage stresses. Profile deck sheet plays a dual role as tensile reinforcement when concrete hardens and act as a temporary shuttering during fresh concreting. The main objective of this paper is to determine the vibration characteristics of profile deck sheet for various shapes of profile as composite slab system. Modal analysis is a technique in which vibration studies can be determined for various profile shapes by involving parameters such as mode shape, natural frequency, plate stresses and deformation by using finite element analysis.


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