Vol. 1 No. 6 (2019): Volume 1, Issue 6, year 2019

IoT Based Heart Attack Detection, Heart Rate and Temperature Monitor

Vaishnave A.K
UG Student, ECE Department,DMI Engineering College, Aralvoimozhi, Kanyakumari District Tamil Nadu, India
Jenisha S.T
UG Student, ECE Department,DMI Engineering College, Aralvoimozhi, Kanyakumari District Tamil Nadu, India.
Tamil Selvi S
UG Student, ECE Department,DMI Engineering College, Aralvoimozhi, Kanyakumari District Tamil Nadu, India
Published November 2, 2019
  • IoT,
  • Heart rate sensors,
  • Health observing,
  • Health determination
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A.K, V., S.T, J., & S, T. S. (2019). IoT Based Heart Attack Detection, Heart Rate and Temperature Monitor. International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, 1(6), 61-70. Retrieved from https://mapletreejournals.com/index.php/irjmt/article/view/263


The Internet of Things (IoT) is inter communication of embedded devices using networking technologies. The IoT will be one of the important trends in future; can affect the networking, business and communication. In this paper, proposing a remote sensing parameter of the human body which consists of pulse and temperature. The parameters that are used for sensing and monitoring will send the data through wireless sensors. Adding a web based observing helps to keep track of the regular status of patient. The sensing data will be continuously collected in a database and will be used to inform patient to any unseen problems to undergo possible diagnosis. Experimental results prove the proposed system is user friendly, reliable, economical. IoT typically expected to propose the advanced high bandwidth connectivity of embedded devices, systems and services which goes beyond machine –to – machine (M2M) context. The advanced connectivity of devices aide in automation is possible in nearly all field. Everyone today is so busy in their lives; even they forget to take care of their health. By keeping all these things in minds, technology really proves to be an asset for an individual. With the advancement in technology, lots of smart or medical sensors came into existence that continuously analyzes individual patient activity and automatically predicts a heart attack before the patient feels sick.


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